Our 2020 P&C Committee

Position & Incumbent

Role description


Michelle Carr

The President provides leadership and is the accountable officer of the Association. Their role is to act as a representative of the Association, encourage communication between the Association, School administration and the community and encourage participation in the Association.

The President will be the Chair of meetings and conduct them in an efficient and timely fashion, being familiar with the rules, constitution and other documents governing Association operations. The President is an official member of the school council for the School.

Vice President


The Vice-President provides essential support for the President and possibly other members of the Executive Committee. The person will Chair those meetings from which the President is absent and carry out any duties that have been delegated by the President. The Vice –President should also be familiar with the rules, constitution and other documents governing Association operations.



The Secretary collates the agenda papers for each meeting, (including subcommittee reports) and assists the President in preparing an agenda for each meeting. The Secretary prepares and present minutes of the Association‘s meetings, record and deal with correspondence in/out as directed and generally organise, record and maintain information pertaining to the activities of the Association.


Sheila Penney

The Treasurer has the overall responsibility for the financial management of the Association, including all subcommittee accounts. In their role they must comply with the Accounting Manual for P&C Associations in all respects. The Treasurer prepare an annual budget and Annual Operational Plan for the Association in consultation with the Association’s Executive Committee. It is the Treasurer's responsibility to keep accurate accounts of receipts and expenditure.

Provide a monthly report to the P&C General meeting.

Newsletter Advertising Co-ordinator

Manages paid advertisement for the weekly school newsletter, seeking and responding to advertising enquiries and working closely with school administration staff and the P&C Treasurer.

Provide a monthly report to the P&C General meeting.

Fundraising co-ordinator

Co-ordinates P&C fundraising events including Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Stalls, fundraising for the school Fun Run and other fundraising activities as decided each year at P&C meetings. Works closely with P&C Treasurer in accounting for funds and expenses. Co-ordinates volunteers for fundraising.

Provide a monthly report to the P&C General meeting

P&C Qld Representatives



Keeps up to date with news and information from P&C Qld via emails, newsletters, and/or local meetings and reports.

Provides relevant information back to the school P&C.


Paid Positions



Uniform Shop Convenor

Dianne Huggett

Co-ordinate the activities of the School’s P&C uniform shop, including Sales and receipts during Uniform shop opening hours and online uniform shop sales and stock management. Work with the uniform shop assistant, Tuckshop staff and P&C Executive members.

Provide a monthly sales and stock report to the P&C General meeting.


Tuckshop Convenor

Simone Corrigan

Manages the day to day running of the Tuckshop including food preparation, sales, stock management and banking.

 Work with the P&C Executive members.

Provide a monthly sales and stock report to the P&C General meeting.


Key document: P and C Constitution  as at 12 March 2018 (PDF, 1MB)

The parent-school partnership

The importance of parents and teachers working together is strongly supported throughout the school. It is generally accepted that when parents express confidence in the school and are involved with it in some way, the children are likely to be happier and perform better in the classroom. If children see their parents and their teachers sharing common beliefs, attitudes and goals they feel more secure.

Our P&C is an important component of the school community. All parents are entitled to membership. We recommend strongly that you become actively involved.

The P&C contributes to school programs in a number of areas, including:

  • Curriculum resources.

  • Sport and games equipment.

  • Grounds and facilities development.

  • Learning technology resources.

  • Library resources.

Funds are generated through a number of fund raising events.

The P&C Association meets on the second Monday of each month. The meetings commence at 7.00 pm and are held in the school administration block.

Parent education programs

Throughout the year the school runs a number of parent education programs. All parents are welcome to attend these. Keep a close watch on the newsletter for details. A large number of parents are trained each year in programs designed to support their children’s reading and writing.

Classroom volunteers

Many of the classes require volunteers to assist the teachers in reading, art or other curriculum areas. Parents are encouraged to assist if possible. Parents should sign a Volunteer Register book in each classroom.


The tuckshop committee is a sub committee of the P&C. The tuckshop generates ongoing income throughout the year. The tuckshop is always looking for volunteers to assist on tuckshop days. Please contact the school if you can assist.

The Tuckshop Menu is available through the Facilities at the top of the  page.

Last reviewed 02 August 2020
Last updated 02 August 2020