Music at Annandale State School offers a rich and varied program of classroom and extra-curricular activities. All students from Prep to year 6 engage in a half-hour music lesson each week. An instrumental music program is offered to students from year 3  to year 6. The Junior Choir is for students year 3 and 4, Senior Choir year 5 and 6.

Classroom music

The classroom music program aims to promote the enjoyment of music through the development of musical concepts and skills which lead students towards greater musical understanding and becoming musically literate.

Students are involved in a range of experiences involving singing, movement, listening, musical games and playing instruments:

  • Untuned and tuned percussion in Prep to year 3, untuned and tuned percussion in Prep to year 3  untuned and tuned percussion in Prep to year 3, untuned and tuned percussion in Prep to year 3

  • Recorders in years 4 and 5 and

  • Ukulele and keyboards in years 5 and 6.

Skills in reading and writing music notation, composition and performance are developed and encouraged at all year levels.

Instrumental music

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Choral program

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Junior Choir in years 3 and 4 or in the Senior Choir in years 5 and 6. The number of choirs depends on the level of interest each year. These groups rehearse weekly and enjoy their active involvement in both the school community and within the wider local community.

All student participating in the Choir program are required to pay a yearly fee of $30 (non-refundable). This fee is a contribution towards the costs of photocopying, the purchase of sheet music and audio tracks, piano tuning,  and / or replacement of digital equipment for performances (keyboard and amplifier), and Eisteddfod registration.

As well as performing successfully at the Eisteddfod each year, the choirs perform regularly at special school assemblies and concerts.

The choirs have been invited to participate in a number of local community events.

Overview of annual arts activities 

Activity Description Participants Term
Fanfare State-wide competition for bands and orchestras. Advanced instrumental music students. Term 2, every 2 years.
P-3 Activity Day Arts activities for students in P-3. Prep to year 3 students. Education Week term 2.
Choral workshop 4-day choral workshop. Selected choir students. Term 2.
Strings fest Solo and ensemble performances, competitive or non-competitive. Strings students. Term 2.
Eisteddfod Local competition: Instrumental and choral. Instrumental groups and choir groups. Term 3.
School music concert Music concert by Annandale State School students for families. All instrumental and choir groups. Term 4.
Strings workshops Strings workshop. All string students. Term 4.
Concert band workshop

Concert band workshop.

Senior band students. Term 4.

Last reviewed 16 June 2019
Last updated 16 June 2019