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Subjects and programs


Annandale State School following the Australian Curriculum.
It has a School Curriculum Framework (PDF, 967 KB) which provides information on:
- the school's pedagogical framework - Dimensions of Teaching and Learning;
- the learning areas covered in the school's  framework;
- the content in the units of work covered by year level.
Students in each year level study the following subjects:
English; Mathematics; Science; Health and Physical Education; Music; History and Social Sciences; Technology
Students in Years 5 and 6 also undertake  LOTE (Language Other Than English ) - Mandarin Chinese.
Overviews of the ACARA curriculum for each juncture :
     - Foundation / Prep (PDF, 20298KB)
     - Year 1-2  (PDF, 2201 KB)
     - Year 3-4  (PDF, 2181KB)
     - Year 5-6  (PDF, 2259KB)
In addition to the above subjects, several other programs are actively used to support and enhance student learning. These are :

Speech Sound Pics      SSP.JPG 

he Speech Sound Pics (SSP) approach is used to teach  reading, writing and spelling. It is FUN and multisensory, and has a focus on learning to read for pleasure quickly and easily.
You can find out more at
Your children will be listening to the Speech Sounds we use when we speak, and
learning to ‘map’ them with the ‘Pictures’ of the speech sounds. Every speech sound is
mapped with a letter or string of letters.
You will hear about the Speech Sound Monsters who all love one speech sound. So they will know that this says..              

7 Steps to Writing Success and Daily Writing       7 steps logo.JPG

Seven Steps To Writing Success is a way to break writing down into seven simple steps that can be taught in an interesting and engaging manner. The program inspires confidence and energy in students. The program supports students by taking the complexity out of writing.

TIPS for parents and carers

You can find out more about Seven Steps to Writing Success at


YuMi Deadly Maths      YDM -QUT.JPG

The YuMi Deadly Maths pedagogy was developed by the YuMi Deadly Centre within the Education Faculty of QUT in Brisbane under the leadership of Prof. Tom Cooper. It is designed to enhance mathematics learning outcomes, improve participation in higher mathematics subjects, and improve employment and life chances and participation in tertiary courses. The pedagogy is unique in its focus on creativity, structure and culture with regard to mathematics and whole-of-school change with regard to implementation.


 You can find out more about YuMi Deadly Maths at

Annandale is a School of Excellence for YuMi Deadly Maths.