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What is curriculum?

Curriculum is all the planned learning that is offered and enacted by a school. Curriculum is much more than a syllabus which outlines what is to be taught. It is dynamic and encompasses:

  • The learning environment

  • Resources (including syllabuses)

  • Teaching (teaching styles and methods)

  • Assessments methods and procedures

  • The values and ethos of the school.

  • The relationships and behaviours among students and teachers

These are all interconnected and provide the experiences that contribute to student learning.

Annandale State School is implementing:

  • The Australian Curriculum in English, mathematics, science, history and geography. This is also referring to as the "National Curriculum".

  • The "Essential Learnings" and Standards of the Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (QCAR) framework; in studies of society and the environment, health and physical education, the arts and languages other than English (LOTE).

The National Curriculum will be delivered through units specially designed by Education Queensland - C2C Units (Curriculum to Classroom Units). Utilising the C2C units ensures all aspects of the National Curriculum are completed at each year level.

The curriculum is delivered using the Dimension of Teaching and Learning pedagogical framework listed above. This framework meets the requirements of Education Queensland’s Pedagogical Framework (PDF, 200 KB).