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Year 4 Magnetic Island Camp

​Year 4 students at Magnetic Island
On Thursday 1 May, 84 excited Year 4 students, 4 class teachers and 8 brave parents attended a science-based camp at Magnetic Island.  The camp was designed to support our latest Science unit with the primary study being that of the Bush stone-curlew. The camp was conducted over two days and consisted of set rotational activities facilitated by the Paluma Outdoor Education Staff and centred around studies on habitat, threats to this species of curlew and the food chains and webs of this mysterious sometimes ‘scary’ bird.  All students were fortunate enough to observe and photograph the Bush stone-curlew in its habitat and some groups were lucky enough to come across a very sleepy koala in a large eucalypt on the Maggie Island golf course.  For most of our Year 4 students, this was their very first school camp experience and for some it was their first sleepover, albeit a very big one. Our accommodation and camp base was the Apex Recreational Centre at Picnic Bay. The students enjoyed the excitement of the cabin-style accommodation and the experience of refectory style dining.  The camp was a worthwhile learning experience for students, teachers and parents and has greatly assisted the children with their upcoming science assessment. There’s nothing like a hand-on experience to reinforce the classroom curriculum. A big thanks goes out to the brave parents who accompanied the teachers and students on this camp. Your help was truly appreciated; we couldn’t have done it without you.